Sessions I can offer

 Please find below a list of sessions that I offer and difficulties that I can help you with. I have experience working with people of all ages. 

Please note: In regards to eating disorders and mental health concerns I can work with you to develop a nutritional plan and provide psycho-education however I cannot treat these conditions. Current guidelines recommend that best practice for treating these conditions is dietetic advice alongside psychological interventions and medical monitoring.  

Sessions that I can offer

  • Nutritional plans and education to help support with dietary restriction and weight restoration

  • Nutritional plans and education to support with overcoming binge eating 

  • Nutritional plans and education to help support with overcoming purging

  • Nutritional plans and education in supporting you to overcome Orthorexia 

  • Supporting you to broaden the variety of foods that you are eating 

  • Supporting those with selective eating to ensure their diet is safe and meets their nutritional and growth needs 

  • Supporting those who have previously received treatment for an eating disorder but want further nutritional support 

  • Nutritional plans to support you to ensure you are able to participate in sport/ exercise or dance safely and reach your progress goals